A Letter from the Chairperson

Making a difference is the theme’ of Mt. Pilgrim Foundation,  Inc., our mission  is to improve the lives of people by developing and promoting efforts to enhance their spiritual, educational, health and wellness, and economic prosperity through the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church efforts to reach outside the walls of the church.

Our vision is that within three years, we will be able to demonstrate that we have had a definable impact upon: improving the quality of life for people in South Carolina, the nation and the world, strengthening selected institutions related to Christian principles and enhancing the role of evangelism.

The tutoring program works with school-aged youngsters during the school year to improve their academic performance. Volunteer Tutors stress mathematics, the sciences and reading and they promote study skills, time management, test-taking techniques and computer proficiency. Our Mission Ministry provided 80 meals per month for students at Pontiac Elementary.  For the 2018-19 school term, we have adopted Pontiac and Webber Elementary schools and will provide needed schools supplies in an effort to support the teaching staff. With the generous support of Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church family, and the leadership of the Board of Directors, the Foundation has made progress over the last 4 years and literally touched the lives of hundreds of people young and old.

And lastly, we are so very proud of you, our supporters and friends for your commitment to our cause, your gracious understanding of our transitions, and most importantly, for our continued gift of time and resources.  Thank you for making the Foundation a viable entity in the community.  Thank you for making the difference.


Claudette Murphy

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